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Lonpos Coco Cross Discount Package - 12pcs

Serial No. : 888081-A-12
Fixed Price : NT$27,492.-
Selling Price : NT$27,492.-
Special Offer : NT$15,130.-
Material : Abs+paper
Made in : Taiwan
Package Size : 150mm * 95mm * 45mm
Age Group : Above 3 years old
Suitable for : Babies Before School Primary Students
Pregnant Women Senior Citizens
Level : Easy Medium Difficult Very Difficult
Language : English
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The Design of COCO CROSS is based on dynamics, logical thinking, mathematics, psychology...etc. People can exercise brain and enhance intelligence through the game, including:

*The intelligence of body activity (finger flexibility)
*The intelligence of mathematics and logic (numbers change)
*The intelligence of vision and space (block rolling)
*The intelligence of interpersonal relationships (family interaction)
*The intelligence of self-introspection (Meditation)
*The intelligence of observation (Step challenge)

By playing COCO CROSS, children can develop diverse intelligence by rolling the blocks; Adults can exercise brain at leisure time; Elders can reduce the possibility of getting Alzheimer; Mother-to-be can cultivate intelligence for baby before baby was born. All the above are the expectations of the design.

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Package include:

booklet*3 (total 12 sets)
gmae plate*1 (total 12 sets)
pencil*1 (total 12 sets)
Colorful block *4 (total 12 sets)

The estimated weights of this game in the 10 different intelligent aspects (Maximum mark: 10)

Body activity 8   Self-introspection 9  
Math and logistic 8   Observation 6  
Vision and space 7   Reserch and Development 2  
Languages 2   Art creation 4  
Interpersonal relationships 9   Divination 7  

Detailed Instructions:

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1.Children should be accompanied by parents or adults while playing this game.
2.Please do not put the building blocks into the mouth to prevent choking and swallowing.
3.Please do not throw the building blocks at people.
4.Please keep away from fire and high temperature to prevent deformed.